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Oh fucki wuckies

It seems some times has passed since my last post, by net standards it's a frigging ice age. I left Florida and came back, went to the great state of Illinois and experienced a bit also left some regrets in a certain individual there and wish I could fix that with but I'm sure she's fine.

In any case back in good ol Gods forsaken FLA working at a law firm involved in HOA matters, drawing like a fiend but I have my own place at least after a bit of drama and horror at how shallow and sickening some people can be. I have some hopes for the upcoming months but I am taking them in stride, it could be a move back to srq or it could be a move to being the grunt I've been for a few years now. I paced some more muscle and sadly fat on my frame. I have also become a cog in a shot empire, hoping to get let go.

It's been an interesting experience since my last update, realizing how fickle people can be particularly some fam sad to say most not all that is (Kamar is still awesome). An interesting world with some much bare yet hidden I have to say. A time of Trayvon's and Koch's, nothing new since my last post but more apparent now sadly.

Still working on my art to let you know, sketchbook constantly at me side and taking done layers of ink and graphite. Met a few people who urge me to continue on but it seems in my case it has been a strong battle to tell my tales and looking over my post I know I am a storyteller in the true old sense. Fucking erie and it makes sense after years of wondering and struggle.

I have become a wandering surburban Aborigine, wandering and making up my stories it seems. Calm the fuck down, I have done some shitty jobs literally shitty. Art degree or not I've got worlds to tell.
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